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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week 52--"Be Optimistic"

Be Optimistic:  " In the face of many good reasons and much evidence why not to be, be optimistic.  People around you will be suspicious and assume you've got the inside scoop on the winning lottery numbers, but try it anyway.  What's the worst that could happen?  You could be wrong and discover the apocalypse was scheduled for tomorrow after all.  But that's only more reason for being optimistic today."

I swear it wasn't rigged; Ronnie picked every card this year (with the exception of one swap due to extenuating circumstances).  How fitting is it that my journey of 52 weeks ends this week with the final card that reads, "Be Optimistic?"  It's wonderful.  Today is Christmas Day...Merry Christmas!  And so while finishing out this week recovering from Christmas, I am to be looking optimistic towards the future, towards 2012 specifically.  It will have so much in store, I know it.  I've already prepared another project for myself (because I liked this one so much) but you'll have to read about that next year. 

Let's recap on the past year (52 weeks' tasks to be exact) looks like an awful lot when you see them listed...but taking it one week (or day) at a time is not too bad ;)

Piggyback Errands                         
Quit Being Self-Defeating
Be Patient
I'm Sorry
Recharge Your Batteries
Be in Nature
Don't Walk Away Angry
Buy Recycled
The Next Generation
Examine a Prejudice
Gentle Driving
Cause and Effect
You Made a Difference
Low Media
Without Packaging
Stay Curious
Share Your Success
Read and Respond
Trashy Walk
Know Your Limits
Care for Water
Your Elders
Share Food
Cultural Mind Expansion
Share Humor
Make an Ideal World
Reuse as a State of Mind
Speak Up!
De-Stress Yourself
Buy Used
Shop Less
Stray Animals
Massage Me, Massage You
In Person
Car Rest
Meet the People
Conserve Energy
Homeless People are People
Support the Corner Store
Flowers for All
All About Paper
Grow Green
Nurture your Friendships
Quality of Life
Hurry Hurry Away
Show your Appreciation
Eat Clean
Know Thy Neighbors
Be Optimistic

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