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Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 49--Eat Clean

Eat Clean:  " Of course you've absorbed all the information on having a no-fat, low-sodium, low-cholesterol and low-sugar diet, but are you doing it?  Or are you still addicted to processed foods?  Are you still eating prepackaged or fast food in your car two meals a day?  Can you replace some of the processed foods you eat with simpler, fresher, and rawer things?  What would you need to do to eat more healthfully? Are you willing to make those lifestyle changes?  Find out what the FDA suggested daily requirements are, and take a look at whether you are anywhere near the suggested amounts for vitamins and fat."

I would honestly say I try to eat clean anyway, as I'm not a fan of too many processed goods.  I can't take too many sweets...but I love Sunchips!  At least they are whole-grain.  It's likely Providence that this week I'm to be more mindful as I'm teaching a nutrition class Wednesday.  I will make an attempt to each as much "fresh" food as can reasonably be had this week. 

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